(Am I Doing This Right?!) 8 Mistakes You’re Making In The Shower

Hi guys!

Thanks for putting up with me not posting yesterday. (I’m really trying to REALLY focus on my TJ’s cheat ebook, so I may post less until I’m ready!) BUT IT’S SO CLOSE!

In other news, I am very excited to share two pieces of news:

First off, I’m excited to launch a new series that I think you’re going to LOVE!

Second, I can’t really take credit for it, it was the idea of ​​my FABULOUS new team member, Kendall, who recently came on board to help me write, edit, and eventually make sense of my editorial calendar. Together we are really going to take the content here at GG to the next level and I couldn’t be more excited to have her. HELLO KENDALL! (I should have a “Meet Kendall” blog post soon!) Everyone welcome, Miss Kendall! ??

So, the new series is called, wait for it…

“I am doing it right?!”

Have you ever had a case where you realize you never learned something that is generally widely accepted? You know, it’s almost like you were sick the day it was taught in school and it never came up again. When a topic comes up with your friends and you’re like “WAIT WHAT!?”

You know, things like how to be a bridesmaid, what to do when your friend has a baby, how to know what order to apply your beauty products in, how to be an adult with your finances, what meditation IS, even, etc. . ALL the topics we will tackle in this series!

(Because… #ADULT. ?)

Anyway, that was the inspiration for this series. y fFirst, let’s jump into the shower.

YES, showering.

Seems pretty basic, right? It’s something you’ve done your whole life, but it turns out there are SO many ways you can be sabotaging your showers, especially when it comes to skin and hair care.

Whether you have a proven shower routine that can’t be rushed (#PERSONALCARE) or prefer to keep things short and sweet, perfecting the ritual of steam, scent, and soap is so much more than just getting clean.

Showering is the essential foundation of your overall beauty regimen, and below, Kendall and I share eight ways you could be sabotaging your skin and hair in the shower, and how to course correct! By slightly altering your routine, you can up your overall beauty game in no time!

temperatures are too high

While it’s all too tempting to indulge in a hot shower after a long day (especially in the winter months!), the scorching temperatures of the water can dry out, and even burn, your skin and scalp, increasing your risk of dry skin, inflammation and rosacea. . “According to the Baylor College of Medicine, showering in lukewarm water is best for protecting skin and hair and preventing the stripping of natural oils.

taking too long

UGHHH this is my weakness (!!)

The shower is where we get our best ideas, right? And it is the best place to sing your favorite songs! (By the way, check out this list of the best Spotify playlists for singing in the shower!) It’s easy to stay under water, but unfortunately, doing so dries out your skin and leaves your hair more vulnerable to breakage.

Goal: Try to keep your shower time to five minutes or less. Pro Tip: Set an alarm when you get on to make sure you don’t get lost in your thoughts… or a song!

Forgetting to brush beforehand

Have you ever noticed that you tend to lose more hair in the shower? It is not a coincidence. Hair is at its most fragile when wet, so brush beforehand to avoid clogging the drain and limit hair loss and breakage. I love the Ecotool detangling brush – it can be used on wet or dry hair!

Shower in a ponytail

When you’re not washing your hair, pulling it up into a ponytail might seem like a good way to keep it dry. However, the pressure and pull created by the ties make hair more prone to breakage, especially around the humidity of the shower. Instead of an elastic tie, opt for a barrette that keeps hair dry and out of the way or a shower cap (I love my Shhhower Cap and it looks like one of my favorite drugstore brands, Ecotools, is great too!)

avoid cold water

While a blast of cold water may be the last thing you want to do in the shower, there’s a reason it’s so effective. Warm water opens the pores and cuticles of the hair, and a splash of cold water at the end of the shower seals and locks in moisture. This limits the frizz of the hair and leaves it more hydrated! Dare at the end of your next shower, it’s also a great way to force yourself out on time!

Using the wrong soap

If you have dry skin, the cause of your problems could be lurking in the ingredients in your body wash. (I figured this out about two years ago after ALWAYS having super dry legs!)

Flip the bottle. Do you see any ingredients that end in “sulfate”? YUPPP. It’s the same cleaning agent that you put in laundry detergent and dishwasher. Would you wash your body with Tide? If not, it’s time to consider a milder formula. Yes, even many of the formulas that say “moisturizer” or “sensitive skin” will have sulfates. Is very annoying.

My favorite body wash is Beautycounter (it has 730 five-star reviews for good reason!) It’s the BEST body wash – it’s basically like washing your body with the most beautiful lotion. Cleans and hydrates at the same time. When I switched to it, I found that I needed to apply significantly less lotion! It also has the prettiest light citrus scent.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, drugstore brand Waleda is known for being super gentle and clean, and they do a Wild Rose body wash for $9.99! I haven’t tried this particular product yet, but it looks like it would be lovely! (They sell the brand at Whole Foods!)

Not moisturizing immediately

New rule: hydrate before you grab a towel! No matter how long you spend in the shower, your skin tends to get dry. (See the previous point about body wash!?)

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, moisturizers work by trapping existing moisture in the skin, which should be applied within minutes of bathing. Whether you prefer lotion or oil, moisturizing your entire body right away is key. Pro Tip: Keep the lotion in the shower for easy application. I am obsessed with Beautycounter Adaptive Moisture lotion for dry skin! You can also buy a bottle of jojoba oil at Trader Joe’s for a few bucks, and that works too! (Or if you want intense hydration, apply lotion followed by oil!)

dry rub

Don’t undo all your moisturizing and nourishing efforts by drying out your skin and hair. According to the American College of Osteopathic Dermatology, improper towel drying can strip moisture from your skin, so be sure to pat dry, not rub.

For hair in a brittle, damp state, reach for a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel (I use this one called the “Turby Twist,” but this striped turban from Sephora is so much cuter, think I could do better?) to keep hair soft, and simply squeeze out excess water with the turban, then twist VERY loosely on the turban to dry.

Are you making any of these mistakes in the shower like we once did!?

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