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Happy Tuesday!

How was your weekend!? We got home from Napa late last night so today is my Monday, jumping back into the thick of things this morning, catching up, trying to beat multiple deadlines and more, I’m about to refresh my coffee. 😜

Today we talk about makeup!

I don’t know about you, but the pandemic REALLY changed my makeup routine. I used to be very interested in beauty (I would even have called it a passion a couple of years ago) and somehow being cooped up in my house for two years straight really made me move on to other interests. 😂 I’ve always considered my “everyday” makeup to be pretty minimal, but it’s gotten even smaller over the course of the last few years! All this routine takes me less five minutes from start to finish.

I know many of you are in the same boat, always looking to simplify your everyday product line. If that’s you, I hope today’s post was helpful! These are the products that are part of my routine lately:

My five minute makeup routine:


Grace got me hooked on Supergoop Glow Screen sunscreen two years ago and I’ve been a convert ever since! I love the glowy look she gives you – it goes on smoothly (no white cast) and looks great on its own or under makeup. If you’re looking for a 100% mineral sunscreen (no shine), I recommend Farmacy’s Green Defense Sunscreen. It’s fantastic, rubs in easily, and unlike other zinc-based sunscreens, doesn’t leave a chalky white residue!


My last “face makeup” purchase. For more background, I’ve really cut back on my products lately (I don’t wear foundation regularly anymore, and just apply concealer instead; however, when I wear it, I love this foundation) I’ve been a HUGE fan of Beautycounter’s Skin Twin Concealer , but it was pulled to fix some defective packaging issues and so I needed to find an alternative. I got a targeted ad on Instagram for this brand, Merit, which I hadn’t heard of before, but fell in love with the clean and minimal concept – they do a small selection of products, all very clean, and the prices are really affordable! I was very intrigued by this face stick that promises to replace both foundation and concealer and after several weeks of use, I agree that it has! I wrote a whole post about it. If you are a makeup minimalist like me, I think you will love it. I blend it with a foundation brush (mine is old so I can’t link and haven’t been able to find another one that’s similar to link, sorry!) but you could also use a beauty sponge/blender!


Another newer product for me is this Saie Cream Bronzer– (I have a ‘light bronze’ shade) I bought it about six months ago and I still love it! It’s a great natural bronzer, not super pigmented, and I love that it’s a cream product, so it doesn’t smudge your makeup bag like all bronzers inevitably do! I apply it with this thick bronzing brush which I LOVE.

If you are looking for a mineral/powder bronzer or a more dramatic tan, my favorite is Alima Pure (I have the shade Mauna Loa), which I would classify as a richer, deeper brown.


I don’t always apply blush every day, but my new favorite (because every other product I’ve tried has me hooked) is Merit’s cream blush! (I have the soft peach shade!) So quick and easy to apply, I love the natural color and cream finish! I just mix with my fingers.

If you prefer a powder blush, I have loved the one from Beautycounter for years and years. His shade “Nectar” is a perfect replica of Nars’ famous ‘Orgasm’ and is one of my favorite shades of all time.

Eyebrow Gel:

Beautycounter’s brow gel is my favorite of all the ones I’ve tried (Thrive and Glossier are good too, but BC’s is still my favorite and the most natural in my opinion!) I use “medium” and love that it’s quick and easy to apply and makes so much difference filling in the brows while still looking like you’re not wearing anything on them! I never leave the house without this on.

I first curl my lashes with an old lash curler that I’ve had forever but is no longer in stock. (However, this one is similar with great reviews!) I have very straight lashes so this step is a must for me! Then I apply one of the many mascaras I’m always trying out. 😜


How much time do you have? I’ve been trying out A LOT of skins lately (you could call it my personal hobby 😆) I’ve been looking for a good one cleansed dramatic mascara (I’ve been a long time lover of Dior’s Iconic Overcurl, I don’t think anything will top it, but it’s been a fun mission trying to find a clean version as I’m often asked for it, and I always like to go! With cleaner options if possible!) Here are my favorites lately:

Caliray “Come Hell or High Water” Mascara:

This is my latest mascara that I started trying a couple of weeks ago, and I really like it! I tend to flip flop depending on which day I like better, this one or Thrive, they are neck and neck, although this formula could be a bit thicker and I think it is more waterproof/flake proof. Another bonus to this one is that it is sold at Sephora which is one of my favorite places to shop!

Thrive Mascara:

This was my first introduction to tube mascara, which basically means it’s more buildable, it literally EXTENDS your lashes, and it disintegrates with water, making it SO easy to remove just by splashing water on your face. (No more rubbing in makeup remover!) Beware though: if you sweat a lot and wear this while working out, readers have told me this will cause it to disintegrate all over your face! (Just a word of warning!) I haven’t worked out to the point of sweating in about 3 years, so that’s not a problem for me. 😂 BUT I wish they sold it at Sephora, which would make stocking up so much easier! (But I’m just being lazy).

Lawless Mascara “One and Done”: As I mentioned earlier, I’ve found that I prefer a tubular formula because it’s much easier to remove at the end of the day, but if you don’t want a tubular formula, I like the Lawless version! This one is really dramatic, but not sticky; I’d say it’s a pretty thick/wetter formula. You may want a lash brush between coats to prevent clumping, but the results are great!

*These have outperformed both Ilia mascaras, both Beautycounter and Saie Beauty mascaras in my opinion.

lip colour:

Favorite liquid lip gloss/color: Merit shade slick (using Marrakech here, love Cara Cara too). This formula feels like a gloss. I also love Ilia’s lip oil (I have the rust-orange color called Saint and it’s so pretty!) This formula has more of the intense color of a lipstick with a more runny feel, without drying out the lips!

Favorite lipstick: I need a color that stays on well and doesn’t dry out my lips! I love Beautycounter’s Color Intense Lipstick in Girls Night (shocking red) and 9-5 (a darker neutral mauve) and Ilia’s Color Block Lipstick in Cinnabar.

I hope this was helpful and that you have a great rest of your day!

PS Looking for skincare tips? Check out my skincare routine right here!

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