Real Women Reviewed: Is Necessaire Body Lotion and Hype Worth It?

Nécessaire Review

Necessary review

I have never received more review requests than for Necessaire products. 😆 (Okay, could be related to Billie’s razor, which you can read about here!) Which makes sense, you see it EVERYWHERE, it seems like every blogger talks about it – you see the ads all over social media . But does it really live up to the hype? It’s time for an evaluation REVIEWED BY REAL WOMEN! (Where everyone chimed in with their comments!)

As usual, I wanted to buy this with my own money to try it out. Call it part investigative journalism (😜) part curious consumer.

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about these products: I was approached to work with them and I turned them down because of this fact. (If only they’d let me promote body wash, I might consider it in the future!) Turns out you have some pretty hot and cold opinions on that, too. I asked everyone to submit their thoughts on Instagram stories and their opinions range from “totally overrated” to “totally awesome!”

Today I will show my [totally unsponsored] thoughts, and summarize YOUR comments as well. Go!

First, my Necessaire review:

Body Lotion Necessaire:

Verdict: MEH!

Let’s start with the more negative of the two and end on the high note. Short story about body lotion: MEH. ME ALL DAY. Personally, it’s not what I want in a body lotion, but I know others love it because they have different needs! Here are the reasons I wasn’t impressed:

it is unscented:

I am a great smell person. I don’t want a bunch of chemicals and artificial fragrances in my products, BUT, I want them to smell good. This is unscented, and there is nothing more boring to me than unscented body lotion. TBH on its own, this wouldn’t be THAT big of a deal, let’s say if the formula was fantastic I could skip over the unscented part, but for me, just meh. For others, fragrance-free can be a good thing! If this came out in their eucalyptus scent AND they changed the packaging, I would consider repurchasing.


The absolute worst part about this product doesn’t even have anything to do with the product itself! It’s the damn packaging! It is a THREADED cap. Who the hell has the time or inclination to screw on and remove a lid when there are other types of packaging? I also inevitably end up dropping the lid almost every time and chasing it across the bathroom floor. Even thinking about this song and dance exhausts me. The body lotion should not be exhausting.

The formula is not quickly absorbed:

Another big hobby of mine. I’m not someone who spends a lot of time applying body lotion after a shower. For some, it is a ritual that they love, for me, I need it fast and I need it to absorb fast. If it takes multiple strokes up and down my legs to rub, it’s not the product for me. The directions even say, “massage until absorbed.” I’m about to have a new baby, I don’t have time to MASSAGE my lotion. 😂

It doesn’t do anything special:

They say it’s a “skin multivitamin” and that “over time, skin tone, texture, and firmness improve visibly.” firmness (😂) and I’m not looking to change my skin tone and body texture as I don’t have a problem with that currently. For others, this could be totally different!

TBH I don’t think the formula is something to write home about. Doesn’t leave my skin softer or more hydrated than other lotions (others do a perfect job), doesn’t have a scent that makes me feel like I’m at the spa, etc. That said, my skin isn’t particularly dry or sensitive and doesn’t really have any specific needs beyond what a regular lotion would provide.

Have I repurchased/will I repurchase this lotion? No

Necessaire Body Lotion Review

As reader Carly ranted, “I hate the bottle with every fiber of my being.” 😂 And I agree!!

YOU thought about the Nécessaire body lotion

Professional arguments:

Light + moisturizing

Many professional reviews highlighted how moisturizing they find in the lotion.

Natalie said: “It absorbs quickly and is not greasy.”

Katie says: “The best lotion ever. The only lotion I don’t hate putting on.”

Grace says, “LOVE, I don’t care if it takes a second to absorb, it feels super yummy.”

Cash + Clean

Many of you love the results you have noticed on your skin.

Jane said: “I am obsessed. I’ve already ordered three times.”

Courtney, “One of the richest body butters I’ve ever used.”

Haley said: “It fixed my notoriously dry skin.”


Packaging needs work

By far the most common complaint is the bottle and cap situation.

Erin said: “I really like the lotion a lot. I hate the bottle.

“Not bad. The packaging doesn’t make it easy to use.”

Carly ranted, “I hate the bottle with every fiber of my being.” 😂

Bri said, “I feel like you don’t put much lotion in the bottle or it gets clogged at the end.”

Not hydrating enough

While some of you raved about its moisturizing capabilities, others weren’t impressed.

Riley said, “Looks like I didn’t put anything on 5 minutes later.”

Olive agreed: “It’s not as moisturizing as lotions I’ve used in the past.”

It’s fine

Similar to the argument against body wash, some of you think it’s perfectly fine, but it’s just not worth it.

Marina said: “It works well, but it’s not worth the price.”

Taylor said: “I like it, I don’t love it! Body wash is a must, body lotion is nice, but not essential.”

Ali said, “It’s like, just a lotion.”

Necessaire Body Wash Review

Review of my body wash Nécessaire:

Verdict: I LOVE this product!

Now, to the GOOD review! I love the shower gel! Many of you disagreed with me but I love it for various reasons, however at the end of the day I want to set the record straight that this is just a body wash. 😂 Let’s not expect him to have magical powers. What I love about him:

It smells AMAZING. like a spa

The eucalyptus scent is by far my favorite – the best body wash I have ever smelled. I have also tried the sandalwood one and it smells good but the eucalyptus one is much better. I will not buy sandalwood again!

Showers are my zen, happy place, and for me there is nothing more relaxing than a nice hot shower and now that I have experienced adding a luxurious, heavenly scented, expensive smelling body wash to my shower routine, I feel that may l. won’t go back. The smell is what keeps me coming back. It’s something I’m willing to pay for, but not everyone feels that way!

The formula is very soft and moisturizing:

Another great advantage is that it does not leave the skin feeling flaky or dry like many body washes do. It is sulfate free and contains Niacinamide which is a really great ingredient that locks in moisture, repairs the skin’s moisture barrier and is great for all skin types.

My other favorite body wash is the Beautycounter version (it just doesn’t smell as good IMO 😆) because it’s SO moisturizing, it’s really like a lotion, and I was skeptical that this one would be too drying because body wash bubbles/foams . it tends to be more bare, but it is not at all! (Maybe that’s why I’m not impressed with the lotion? Because the body wash already leaves my skin pretty hydrated? 😂)

I love the packaging:

I really like the packaging, it keeps water out and it’s super easy to open. It’s a twist top, so you only need to twist it once to open and close it.

Lasts a long time:

Some people said otherwise, but I’ve found that with this product a little goes a long way. I think if you’re running out of product quickly, you’re using too much!

Will I buy again?

Yes! I have repurchased several times and will continue to do so!

YOU thought about the Nécessaire shower gel

I put out a call on Instagram to collect your feedback on Necessaire and got HUNDREDS of responses. It’s safe to say that everyone either loves it, or feels bad about it. I’ve put together the most common feedback points below:

Professional arguments:

Smells good

Many of you are obsessed with scent selection, particularly eucalyptus scent.

Karla said, “It smells like a spa and works like a bubble bath too!”

Jen says, “Spa in a bottle!”

A change of life for sensitive skin

Another big professional topic was the benefits for sensitive skin.

Amy commended, “For the first time, my skin didn’t have the usual itch from dryness this winter.”

And Emma said: “I used to have itchy skin all the time. No more!”

Brittney agreed: “Very happy to have a luxurious fragrance-free option. She cleared up the lumps on my arms and legs.”

Light, moisturizing and versatile.

In general, many of you are hooked on the long-term benefits of a light wash that provides moisture.

Carrie says, “It’s the best and you can shave with it or use it in a bubble bath.”

Emily shared, “It makes me want to take a shower all the time.”


It’s just “okay”

Many of you have tried body wash and thought it was fine, but you don’t understand the hype.

Hannah said: “I thought it was just normal soap with a nice smell.”

Mia summed up: “It’s not life changing.”

And maggie said it was “anti-climactic.”

Jenny said, “I like it, but I wasn’t surprised.”

Too expensive/small bottle

By far the most common argument against was the price point.

Eva said: “Too expensive for a body wash. It’s fun to try but I wouldn’t buy it again.”

Coleen agrees, it’s a nice smell, but it’s not worth the price.”

Sari said: “I spend it too fast, it’s not worth the expense.”

In conclusion:

Overall, I think this brand’s biggest selling points are that it’s cleaner, according to the website, free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, and talc; also BPA and GMO free, so if that’s important to you like it is to me, that’s a big win. It is also ideal for sensitive, dry or poorly hydrated skin. If you have relatively average skin with no issues, I don’t know if you’ll see much of a difference with these products in terms of performance specifically. On the other hand, if you struggle with rough, dry, or bumpy skin, it seems like these products are definitely helpful in addressing those issues!

If you’re willing to pay for a luxurious shower experience and you’re a big fan of scents, you’ll love body wash. If price is an important factor for you, this will not be your brand! However, I think it would make a very nice gift. (Like scented body wash in a gift basket for a new mom!? 🥰)

Regardless, the least risky way to try is to shop at a retailer like Nordstrom or Sephora that accepts returns, if you decide the product isn’t for you!

So does it live up to the hype? Not exactly a clear cut answer in this case. You will have to decide for yourself. 😉 Hope this was helpful!

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